Gay Bar Choking Victim Poster Project- HRS Happyman x Otokonokoto

For Gay Bars: Choking Victim Poster


Gay Bar向け「食べ物が喉に詰まった時の処置法」 ポスター




日本語に「エッチな」という形容詞があるが、英語でピッタリとくる言葉がない。日本人しかわからないちょっと「エッチ」、あの無邪気でハッピーな感じが伝われば。収益の一部をLGBTQセンター「Destination Tomorrow」が提供するトランスジェンダーの住居補助プログラム にドネーション予定。

New York City requires every restaurant to present “Choking Victim Posters”.  I made these posters particularly for gay bars, since I haven’t seen ones using gay characters. A work that finally sees the light of the day while being delayed almost 8 years for various reasons.

CPR (Resuscitation) is a sexual act of passionate kissing or roughly touching your chest, depending on how you look at it. In this poster, a guy starts out helping his partner, but for some reason both characters ends up being naked.

Otokonokoto, a Japanese illustrator whose works are adored internationally, joined this project and contributed his sweetest, happiest couples.

There is a word “H (pronounced “etch”)” in Japanese. It’s roughly translated as Naughty in English, but this doesn’t feel right. The word “H” is more about fun, intimate and somewhat innocent feeling. 

I hope you can sense that special feeling from this poster. 

A portion of the profit from gay bar posters will be donated to Destination Tomorrow, LGBTQ Center in South Bronx, New York.

Special thanks to Michael Schmeltz, Ayumi Nakano, Brian Rodriguez and Glen Munoz.

Stay tuned for the next PROJECT!

HRS Happyman