笑いとしあわせをちいさなことに。オリジナル”Choking Victim Poster” シリーズ発売開始


「食べ物が喉に詰まった時の処置法」 ポスター5月発売開始

この度、Etsyにてオリジナル「Choking Victim食べ物が喉に詰まった時の処置法)First Aid ポスターを販売する運びとなった。

ニューヨークでは全てのレストランに、このポスター提示が義務付けられている。だが出回っているポスターはどれも型通りのデザインで、退屈だ。凝った内装の店では雰囲気にそぐわないことも多い。グラフィック·デザイナーだった頃は、会社がレストランをオープンする度に、新しい店の趣向に合わせ異なったデザインのChoking Victim ポスターを作っていた。




GAY BAR用2バージョンの収益の一部がサウス·ブロンクスのLGBTQセンター「Destination Tomorrow」のトランスジェンダーの住居補助プログラム に寄付される予定。



Happymixcrew2021 Release Original Choking Victim Posters
for Gay bars and LGBTQ-friendly establishments:

Bronx, New York 

happymixcrew2021, a Japanese creative unit based in South Bronx, New York,  releases original Choking Victim Posters for Gay bars and LGBTQ-friendly establishments.


The collaborating illustrator is Otokonokoto (http://www.otokonokoto.com/), a Japanese illustrator who works known for brands such as Hola Chico, ZozoTown, and Top Floor

A portion of the profit from posters for the gay bars will be donated to Destination Tomorrow (https://destinationtomorrow.org), LGBTQ center in the South Bronx, New York City.

Launch Date: May 2022
Retailers: ETSY.com (https://www.etsy.com/shop/happymixcrew2021)
Size & Pricing (Tax not included. Free Shipping in the U.S.)
12” x 18” $30 // 20” x 30” $35 // 24” x 36” $40 



I was working as a graphic designer for 12 years, for the company that owns numerous Japanese restaurants in East Village, New York.

New York City requires all restaurants to display Choking Victim Posters, but it’s hard to find a poster that matches the atmosphere of the restaurants. So I started making original posters every time when the company opened the new restaurants.

Otokonokoto, a Japanese illustrator (http://www.otokonokoto.com/) joined me for this project and he portrayed his sweet and happy couples, as I had hoped them to be. His works are loved by fans all over the world.

Let’s find humor and happiness in the little things. After such a difficult years of divisions and confusion in this society, all we need is a smile and a little kindness for others.  I believe we are all humorous and I hope these posters remind of us that.

A portion of the profit from the posters for gay bars will be donated to Destination Tomorrow, LGBTQ Center in South Bronx, New York.

Special thanks to Michael Schmeltz, Ayumi Nakano, Brian Rodriguez and Glen Munoz.

May 2022

HRS Happyman

Socrates: Choking Victim Poster
Marini Lady: Choking Victim Poster
David: Choking Victim Poster
LGBTQ Friendly: Choking Victim Poster
For Gay Bars: Ver. #1 Choking Victim Poster
Ukiyoe Ver. #2 Choking Victim Poster
Polar Bear SOS: Choking Victim Poster