LGBTQ Friendly & Gay Bar Choking Victim Poster Press Release

LGBTQ Friendly: Choking Victim Poster
For Gay Bars: Ver. #1 Choking Victim Poster

May 10th, 2022


Bronx, New York 

Happy Mix Crew 2021 is a Japanese collaborative design unit based in the South Bronx, New York City. They release original Choking Victim Posters for Gay and LGBTQ friendly-Bars through Etsy.com starting May 2022.


The collaborating illustrator is Otokonokoto (http://www.otokonokoto.com/), a Japanese illustrator who works internationally. He is known for his refreshing collaboration with fashion brands such as Hola Chico, ZozoTown, and Top Floor

A portion of the profit from posters for the gay bars will be donated to Destination Tomorrow (https://destinationtomorrow.org), LGBTQ center in the South Bronx, New York City.

“I was working for the company that owns many Japanese restaurants as a graphic designer for 12 years, “ says designer HRS Happyman.

“New York City requires all restaurants to display Choking Victim Posters. However, most available designs don’t match the atmosphere of the restaurants. So I started designing posters everytime our company opens a new restaurant. So they would fit-in nicely.”

Asked the reason he made the gay bar versions, he simply answered,

“Because I’ve never seen the poster using gay characters. I searched but couldn’t find one.”

Currently, these posters are in use at gay bars in New York City, such as Julius and Duplex.

“CPR (Resuscitation) is a sexual act of passionate kissing or roughly touching your chest, depending on how you look at it. In this poster, a guy starts out helping his partner, but for some reason both characters are naked at the end. It might be a silly idea, but let’s find humor and happiness in the little things. After experiencing years of such divisions in this society, I wanted to make something silly and have people chuckle. I believe we are all humorous beings and I hope these posters remind us of that.” says HRS Happyman.

Happy Mix Crew 2021 sells various themes of choking victim posters. Please check them out at their Etsy shop.

Launch Date: May 2022

Retailers: ETSY.com (https://www.etsy.com/shop/happymixcrew2021)

Size & Pricing (As of 5/1/2022, tax not included. Free Shipping in the U.S.)

12” x 18” $30 // 20” x 30” $35 // 24” x 36” $40 // 

Happy Mix Crew 2021

Happy Mix Crew 2021 (H.M.C.), a Japanese collaborative design unit based in South Bronx, New York.

HRS Happyman

Journalist/Writer/Designer – Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, he has lived in New York City since 1999. He is developing various personal projects from design to writing to LGBTQ tour production for Japanese tourists. 


Q & A with HRS Happyman 

How did a collaboration with Otokonokoto’s happen?

  • We worked before in 2013. My friend opened the ramen shop, Ramen Yebisu in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Ramen was still a relatively new food then, most people drank all the soup, then left soggy noodles untouched.  So the owner asked me to make a poster and leaflet of “How to Eat Ramen Noodles”.  I was looking for the illustrator for the leaflet and got to know Otokonokoto. He has a unique personal style and I enjoy working with him. 

Reasons that took 8 years to be released?

  • Otokonokoto and I already talked about this idea in 2013, but started working on this poster early in 2020. Soon after we finished the first draft, Mr. George Floyed was killed by police in May 2020. He was choked to death and the massive Black Lives Matter movement followed. It was such an emotional time, and we thought it’s insensitive to release “Choking Victim” posters. So we just paused the project.

What does the Japanese word “H” mean?

  • There is a word “H (pronounced “etch”)” in Japanese. When you say “ You are naughty” Japanese say “ You are H”. “H” is roughly translated as Naughty in English, but this doesn’t feel right. The word “H” is bubblier and purer than Naughty and it has a hint of innocence. I wanted to reflect this “H” on my posters.

Why choose Destination Tomorrow for donation?

  • Destination Tomorrow is the LGBTQ center in the South Bronx, New York. I learned about this organization on TV news. During the COVID-19 pandemic, several transgenders were killed in our neighborhood, South Bronx. I heard that they are all  Black or Latin. Aren’t they real choking victims?  They suffer so much during the pandemic. Destination Tomorrow provides housing support with transgenders and I thought “This is the perfect choice for donation.”